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The first centre in Abruzzo for sea turtle recovery and rehabilitation

Last 20th December, the City of Pescara inaugurated the first Centre in Abruzzo for the recovery and rehabilitation of Sea Turtles.

The emergency and rehabilitation centre has the objective

of providing first aid and medical therapy to those marine turtles which are found stranded or wounded along the Adriatic coast. The structure, funded by the IPA Adriatic 2007-2013 CBC Programme through the NETCET Project, is located in Pescara and hosted in premises owned by the Municipality.

Convalescence and isolation areas are equipped with six 1500 and two 4000 litres relaying tanks with six hydraulic systems consisting of a pre-filter, pump, precipitation filter, filter, UV lamp, online heater and online skimmer. Treatment area is equipped with six smaller tanks (from the Centro Studi Cetacei previous first-aid center) and two hydraulic systems. Rehabilitation area is equipped with a 14000 litres tank provided with hydraulic system (from the Centro Studi Cetacei previous first-aid center).

The Centre of the City Pescara is managed by the Centro Studi Cetacei onlus, whose team is composed of professional veterinarians and biologists who are presently taking care of n° 9 turtles which were incidentally caught by fishermen or found on Abruzzo and Molise coasts.

Animals taken to the Centre are immediately examined by a veterinarian (general exams, blood tests, x-ray). After parasites removal, biometrics, weighing and tagging, the animals, if necessary, may be subjected to medical therapy or surgery performed in the structure veterinary clinic. During the hospitalization the specimens are relayed in the described tanks. Before the release, inside the rehabilitation tank, the swimming and predatory ability of the specimens is evaluated.

The inauguration event has been a success for the Municipality of Pescara and has represented the opportunity to present the Centre to citizens and media. In fact, the Centre will be also used for educational activities with schools and associations, contributing to achieve the project general objective of increasing the awareness of the presence and the conservation needs of sea turtles.

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